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Our Horses


We could not do it without our wonderful horses...

Our Horses.....are specially selected for temperament, size and gait.

They are trained to respond calmly and safely to the varied challenges of their riders/drivers.


Archie is an 20 year old Haflinger.  He was donated to me by Janet Garrett in 2015 and is our class clown! If you are leading him and stop by a cone he either tries to eat it or plow it over.  When playing a game he wants to help the riders or try to eat the game pieces (you never know which)!  Archie is the horse that does everything, Riding, driving and the ground program.  He certainly is a character but he takes all the heavy work without complaining -just make sure he gets his food afterwards!  He had to step up to the plate and fill the workload of 2 horses when we lost Sarge (draft-cross) a few years back.  With all his goofy ideas and little quirks we are very grateful for Archie. 

In Loving Memory of...
               Dottie, Abbie, Sabbith, Cocoa, Chief, Sarge,                       Cody, Berkley and Blitz
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